Guocheng Qian


Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Gordon Guocheng Qian

Hi welcome! I am a research scientist at Snap Research working with Kfir Aberman on Personalized AI Generation. I graduated as a Ph.D. in Computer Science at KAUST, under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Ghanem. During my Ph.D. studies, I was fortunate to intern at serveral leading research institutions, including Snap Research, Meta Reality Lab, Microsoft Research, Megvii Research, and SenseTime Research. Prior to that, I received my B.Eng degree with the highest undergraduate honor from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU). My primary research interests lie in 3D perception and 3D generation. My representative work includes 3D Foundation Model PointNeXt (NeurIPS), ASSANet (NeurIPS Spotlight), DeepGCNs (T-PAMI), and 3D generation Magic123 (ICLR) and AToM.
If you are interested in working in personalized/3D-related generation with us, please drop me a message through guocheng.qian [at] outlook.com




  • 2024/02: First-authored paper AToM is preprinted at arXiv.
  • 2024/01: First-authored paper Magic123 get accepts to ICLR.
  • 2023/12: I join Snap Inc. as a research scientist working on personalized generation with Kfir Aberman.
  • 2023/10: ZeroSeg gets accepted to ICCV.
  • 2023/05: I join Snap Inc. as a research scientist intern working on text/image-to-3D.
  • 2022/11: One paper gets accepted to Adavanced Science (IF 2021: 17.52).
  • 2022/10: First-authored paper PointNeXt gets accepted by NeurIPS'22.
  • 2022/08: I joined On Device AI team under XRTech in Meta as an AI research scientist intern.
  • 2022/08: First-authored paper Pix4Point is preprinted at arXiv.
  • 2022/06: First-authored paper TENet gets accepted to ICCP'22.
  • 2022/04: First-authored Paper TNAS gets accepted to CVPR'22 workshop.
  • 2021/10 : First-authored paper ASSANet gets accepted to NeurIPS'21 as a spotlight paper.
  • 2021/03 : Co-first authored paper DeepGCNs gets accpected to journal TPAMI'21 .
  • 2021/03 : First authored paper PU-GCN gets accepted to CVPR'21
  • 2020/12 : I graduate as a Master in Computer Science!
  • 2020/03 : 1 Co-first authored paper SGAS (Sequential Greedy Architecture Search) gets accepted to CVPR’20.
  • 2020/01 : I serve as Teaching Assistant for course: CS390D Deep Learning (2020 Spring)
  • 2018/07 : I graduate from Xi’an Jiaotong University with the highest undergraduate honor (with GPA 3.9/4.3).
  • 2018/06 : I join Sensetime Research as a research scientist intern, supervised by Jimmy S. Ren .



Research Scientist

Dec 2023 – Present Dubai, UAE
Work with Kfir Aberman and Sergey Tulyakov on personalized AI generation

Research Scientist Intern

May 2023 – Sep 2023 Santa Monica, CA, USA
Worked with Sergey Tulyakov on Magic123 and Kfir Aberman on AToM.

AI Research Scientist Intern

Aug 2022 – Jan 2023 San Jose, CA, USA
Worked with amazing researchers such as Yunyang Xiong , Haoqi Fan , Zhuang Liu , and other amzing researchers on paper GTMNet (under review).

Remote Collaboration

Dec 2021 – May 2022 remote
Worked with Houwen Peng on paper PointNeXt (NeurIPS'22).

Research Intern

Jun 2020 – Dec 2021 Remote
Worked with Xiangyu Zhang and Xuanyang Zhang on paper TNAS (CVPRW'22).

Computer Vision Research Intern

Jul 2018 – May 2019 Shenzhen, China
Worked with Jimmy S. Ren and Dong Chao on paper TENet (ICCP'22).


CEMSE Dean’s List Award (year 21/22)

Awarded to Top 20%.

CEMSE Research Excellence Award (year 21/22)

Awarded to less than a handful of students, following nominations and based on research achievement.

KAUST Fellowship for MS and PhD Studies

Fellowship covering ​full tuition support, monthly living allowance, housing, and medical coverage.

Outstanding Undergraduate

Highest undergraduate honor awarded to 10 selected undergraduates

National First Class Scholarship

Highest scholarship awarded to TOP 2% unversity student.